How to use signals

Updated: 04/2006

If you would like to use more than one train on a rail, you have to place signals.

Some important signal types

Image Two-Way-Signal
You should not use two-way signals, because the will increase the risk of jams.
Image One-Way-Signal
(left direction)
Image One-Way-Signal
(right direction)

You can place a signal as following:

  1. activate the signal-building mode (you can do this with the signal-icon in the rail-tools menu)
  2. click on a rail

If click on an existing signal (and the signal building mode is active) the signal will be replaced with another signal. This happens in the following order:

Image Image Image Image Image

An example station which has some one-way-signals
Image: A station and a crossing

You can build signals on bridges.
Image: A signal on a bridge

You can build a signal between two switches.
Image: A signal between two switches

Choose signals

Links (Simutrans-Forum archive, english):
- Choose signal station layouts
- Choose signals hints
- Simutrans release notes
- Choose-signals for waiting area

Links (german Simutrans forum):
- Simutrans release notes
- Choose Signale im 88.06.2


What is a presignal?
A train will cross a pre-signal only if the pre-signal and the following signal is green. That means that in the following example no train will enter the block in front of the station if there is a train on the destination plattform. Because of this no arriving train will block leaving trains.

When should I use presignals?
As example in front of big stations and big crossings.

I use them only in front of very big stations with a much traffic.

Example 1 (Head station)
Image: Head station with presignals (scaled image from the 128x128 imageset)


  • There is a crossing at the front of the station.
  • At this crossing three signal types are used:
    - Two-Way-Signals! (in front of the station)
    - Pre-Signal (rail for arriving trains)
    - One-Way-Signal (rail for leaving trains)
  • See "(Railway stations|How to use stations-Tutorial))" to learn more about head-stations

Example 2 (cross-station)
Image: cross-station with presignals (scaled image from the 128x128 imageset)


  • In front of the stations one-way-signals are used (because the trains are driving throught the station)

Alternatives to presignals (Choosesignals):