Start a new game

Updated: 05/03/2003

What should I transport at the start of a new game?

At the beginning of a game, you should transport goods between industries. Passenger and mail transport are only profitable if you build large networks. Most money you can earn with coal or oil transports. You should not use ships at the beginning of a game, because ships are very expensive.

How can I use trucks and trains to transport goods?

The Truck-Tutorial describes how you can start your first coal transport with trucks. The Train-Tutorial imply on the truck tutorial and describes how you can use trains.

How can I avoid broken transport routes?

There are industries that only produce goods if you deliver certain goods. If you try to collect planks from a sawmill that is not delivered with wood you will not earn any money.

See also: Car industry-Tutorial

How to avoid going bankrupt?

If you spend more money as you have, you will go bankrupt after 3 months. Do not build or buy expensive things until you have enough money. Removing tunnels is very expensive. Building a lot of big rail stations is also very expensive. You can start Simutrans in freeplay mode to switch of the bankrupt check.