How to build rail stations

Updated: 06/2005

Bad idea

In other games you can build stations like in the picture below. That does not work with Simutrans. If you use two-way signals near stations you will increase the risk of traffic jams. In the picture the incoming train blocks the departing train.

You can avoid this by using pre-signals:

There is a crossing in front of the station.
At this crossing three signal types are used:
- Two-Way-Signals (in front of the station)
- Pre-Signal (rail for incoming trains)
- One-Way-Signal (rail for departing trains)

A train only crosses a pre-signal if the pre-signal and the following signal are green. This means that in the example no train enters the block in front of the station if there is a train on the destination platform. Because of this no incoming train will block departing trains.

Head Station (Example 1)

Every train has an own track

smile No jams
smile More than one train can be served at once
sad Expensive
sad needs of a lot of space

Head Station (Example 2)

This station type is similar to the previous example. The difference is, that more than one train shares a platform. Please note, that there is no signal in front of the station.

smile No jams which wouldn't dissolve
smile Cheap to build
sad Only one train can be served at once

Head Station (Example 3)

This station can handle two trains at one time (one at the platform, one in the area behind the station).
If a third train enters the station, there will be a very large traffic jam (which does not dissolve for a very long time).

smile Little risk of jams
smile Cheap
sad Only one train can be served at a time
sad Risk of jams if you use to many trains

station on side track

This platform is on a side track (the left rail). Trains that do not stop should use the right rail.


smile Little risk of jams
smile Trains that do not stop at the station can use the main track and are not stopped by waiting trains