How to use trucks

Updated: 01/2002

Search a producer and consumer

First you have to find a producer of goods. At the beginning of a new game it is a good idea to transport goods from a coal mine to a power station.
Please search a coal mine which is close to a power station.

Image: Coal mine

Click on the coal mine to open the industry-information window. In this window you can see the customers of the coal mine.

Image: Consumers of a coal mine

In the above example you can see, that a Power station at the coordinate "125, 216" accept goods from the selected coal mine.
You can see the current coordinate at the bottom of the screen (i.e.Image ).

Build a road, loading bay and a road depot

If you have found a coal mine and a consumer which accepts the goods of the coal mine, you can connect both with a road.
Before you can build a road, you have to activate the road building mode.


  • Open the "Road tools"-toolbar
  • Click on the road-button to activate the road building mode Image
  • Click where the road should start
  • Click where the road should end

Image: A road between two industries

After you build the road you can place loading bays at the ends of the road. The loading bays can be 1-2 tiles away from the coal mine and power station.


  • Click on the Loading-Bay Button Image
  • Click on the end of a road to build a loading bay Image

Buy a coal truck

Now you can build a depot and buy a truck.


  • Build a depot at the end of a road Image
  • Click on the depot to open the depot window.
  • Buy a truck Image

Schedule a truck

Now you can edit the schedule of the truck. You can edit the schedule of the truck in the schedule window. Alternatively, you can create lines.

Image: Schedule of a vehicle

If the schedule window is open, you can add stops to the schedule by clicking on the loading bays you built earlier.


  • open the schedule window
  • add the loading bays to the schedule (click on the loading bays you built earlier)
  • click on the done-button to close the schedule window
  • click on the start-button in the depot window

You can schedule about 4 trucks on a loading bay without having jams. If you need more trucks you can extend your loading bay like in the following image:
Image: A big loading bay